Thursday, January 07, 2010

It's better than a slap in the face

I'm clumsy. I trip over stuff, fall up stairs and start to skid if I even look at ice. Basically, I'm awkward.

Because of this, I decided a while ago to forgo high fives.

I didn't choose to not high five out of malice, but because I'm afraid of accidentally slapping unknowing person in the face.

Also, I used to miss a lot and that just made me feel stupid.

So now when presented with a palm to slap, I have to say, "Sorry, I don't high five."

And you know what?

It bothers people ... a lot.

I realize that by not high fiving, I am rebuffing a socially accepted gesture of affirmation. I'm sorry about that. But still, I should be allowed to not high five, don't ya think?

Many people do not agree. I have been chased down in a vain attempt to force me to high five and there are numerous people who try to trick me into high fiving.


Now, I don't high five on principle. I'll shake your hand when appropriate, hug you if I like you, but don't ask me to slap your hand or I might just miss on purpose.

1 comment:

Serena said...

You know, I don't high five either. It's so awkward when people leave their right hand high in the air, hovering, waiting for your response. It's even more awkward to see that hand slowly come down when I say "sorry, I don't high five".

And, you don't know me, but if your interested, read my friend's blog. Its called lessonsinsymmetry. Judging by the way you write, I think you'd enjoy reading it.