Monday, March 29, 2010

Making the call

This is how our kid looks these days.

She loves wearing dresses, wheeling around on her Heelies and ... what is that in her hand? Oh yeah, her cell phone.

Gah! We gave in and hooked our 9 year old up with a cell phone. It's something that we said we weren't going to do until she was old enough to keep track of her stuff. But we had to take my mom down to get her onto our plan. And since we were already there and upgrading Sean's phone, we decided to get her a voice and texting plan as well.

Oh man, if there's a way to delight a kid, get her a cell phone. And then wait for the storm of text messages that you'll get. Holy cow!

But it's already been convenient. Sunday she was at a neighbor friend's house and we needed to run to the store. We just called her up and made the arrangements. She wanted to know if she could go to the movies, so we got text message asking if it was OK. When she walks home from school and piano lessons, she can call us if there's a problem or whatever. So there is a sense of security in that.

Plus it was fun just to see how excited she was and is over the whole thing. Plus we can always use it as leverage to keep her on task with keeping track of her stuff!

Now the only problem is that my mom got the new Motorola Droid and I'm so jealous of it.

Bill and I just got nice Blackberries last October and then the Droids came out. Holy cow, do I want one of those phones. Those things are sweet!

I'm coveting my mom's cell phone ... please send help ... and a new Motorola Droid!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Where the hell did I go?

I was looking at my Google reader this morning and I saw that someone out there had "starred" this post.

I remember writing that post and how it made some people uncomfortable with all the below the waist references and what not. But I just re-read that post and this post that was linked within it.

And you know what? Those posts were funny and edgy and nothing like the scrapple I've been writing lately.

What has happened to me? Where did all my funny go?

I know things have been changed in and around my life, but people still laugh at me and with me in many conversations. Just this last weekend on my band's trip to Moab, we laughed ourselves silly several times.

The girls drove to Moab separately from the boys and we were witnessed walking in a row like Shaggy from Scooby Doo to the bathroom at a rest stop somewhere on I-70. And we laughed over it.

We laughed over the uber hilarious things that our dear friend Tracee said Saturday night.

Japanese ice tea. Dinny's. "My eyes are up here!"

Holy crap we laughed our asses off.

But now I realize that all those things were other people's funnies ... OK it was my idea to walk like Shaggy. So maybe all my funny isn't quite gone yet.

How does one replenish their funny?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reminescing on the silliness

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about how Margaret and I have sore bums.



The first bike ride of the year causes that. Click over here to read my brilliant observations on butt soreness.

I had originally intended to include this picture of me riding my bike:
And then, of course, I didn't use the picture. But I did find a whole bunch of other pictures that made me chuckle.

From these pictures I realized that my kid has always had a great sense of humor. For that I will always be eternally grateful.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Just a little Rivetergirl observation

You know those people* who only touch things in a public bathroom using paper towels? For all I know you could be one of those people. I have absolutely nothing against those folks and sometimes even I only touch stuff in a public toilet with paper towels.

It depends upon my mood and/or how dirty the restroom is or appears to be.

*Actually, I'm just referring to women as I have virtually no knowledge of what dudes do in public bathrooms. They could be walking around with their pants around their ankles licking the sinks, for all I know.

I have no issue whatsoever with this behavior. Actually I condone it as it makes the bathroom cleaner for the rest of us.

But I do have a question: What about all that stuff that gets touched AFTER one uses the toilet and BEFORE the hands get washed?

Think about it.

You use the toilet and wipe.

Everyone agrees that the hands are now dirty and need to be washed, right?

But what do we do?

We touch our drawers, we touch our clothes, we touch the door to the toilet stall ... ALL WITHOUT WASHING OUR HANDS.

Then there's the big production of washing and lathering and using the paper towels to open the door on our way out.

But whatever nastiness showed up after we wiped is now on our clothes.

So ick.