Monday, July 28, 2008

Bill Knows Best

If you follow me on Twitter then you may have seen my twitter yesterday admitting that Bill ignored Margaret's request to turn the channel because he was watching Brooke Knows Best.

It's embarrassing for all of us.

But maybe watching all these horrible, crazy things on TV adds to Bill's allure and/or smarts.

Yesterday, we had this conversation:

Me: My back is killing me. I think I'm getting cramps.

Bill: No you're not.

Me (exasperated): How do you know?

Bill: Because you're not due to get your period until the second week of August.

Me (more exasperated): How could you know that?

Bill: Because it's important for me to know such things.

Me: Dude, that's crazy. I don't even know when I'm supposed to get my period. I have it marked on my calendar at work.

Bill: Believe me.

You know what? He was right. It is true, knowing such things can only benefit him. For as it gets closer to the time I get the visit from my Aunt Flo, Bill starts wearing a jock and cup.

Smart man.

Oh and an update on my Stranger Danger entry from Friday:

Margaret and I have decided that we like Bill's face — so much so that Bill's face has taken on its own persona, a persona I call "Face."

Sometimes I'll say, "Hey Bill, you and your face should come over here."

Or I'll just call the entirety of Bill "Face" — "Hey Face, come over her and put your face on my face."
So Bill can keep his face ... plus it's like kissing a girl.


bill said...

Like kissing a girl......with a penis!

Anonymous said...

See, I TOLD you it had it's advantages!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love Mar's expression sitting in the backseat. Classic McCracken.