Friday, July 25, 2008

Stranger danger

This is what my husband looked like yesterday.

Today when he picked me up for lunch something had gone wrong with his facial hair.

The soul patch was intact but the rest looked like it had been sculpted with a weed whacker. Some of it was really short. Some of it was still long.

Mostly it just looked jacked up.

Bill admitted that he suffered a facial hair trim tragedy. We decided that he was better off just taking it all off and starting over.

A few minutes ago, he stopped by my work on his way to get a haircut.

This is what I saw:

His soul patch is still intact, but the rest is smooth as a 48-year-old baby's bottom.

And it's weird.

I've seen him without facial hair before.

It wasn't right then.

It sure as hell ain't right now.


Anonymous said...

I can handle the facial hair, but prefer the smooth especially when the facial area meets the soft parts. You may be in for a special treat!!!

Anonymous said...

No, Bill, NOOOOOOOOOOO! It's not time for school yet. A shave AND a haircut???? Now I have to get a haircut.

RiveterGirl said...

No, s, it is NOT time for you to get a haircut yet ... maybe never. God gave you the gift of giant hair ... wear it big and wear it proud.