Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rockin' the two-peat

Just got back from our second week playing Geeks Who Drink trivia.

Last week Bill and I jumped in our friend's team and we won.

We won again tonight. And we won on a night when it was packed ... packed to the rafters.

Oh yeah baby!

And it's no wonder, look at our uber-smart team.
Below we have the girls: Brenda (who is our ringer — this chick knows music ... I mean, fer reals) and Sarah and Rachael.
Here are the boys: Bill, Greedy and Schuyler.
Dude, what a bunch of winners!


Anonymous said...

Packed to the rafters???? Dude, just look at the picture you put up. Nobody else is in the place!
Chuck Norris

Shonda Little said...

Alcohol and trivia, it's like you are describing my idea of heaven!