Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Responding to Chuck Norris

Last night I wrote about how our Geeks Who Drink team won again ... two times in a row.

I posted pictures of our kick-ass team. And I commented how this win was especially sweet in that it was a packed house last night.

Then Ch ... Ch ... Check ... Chuck Norris on Drums commented I was full o' crap because the pictures I posted showed a virtually empty Rockslide patio.

Just to clarify, I took those pictures during happy hour, a full hour before the beginning of the game. And because I like to back up my words, click here to see the official Geeks Who Drink blog that shows us as the winner out of nine teams. And dudes, we didn't win by a little like last week, we kicked ass, fer reals.

Plus we won for best team name ... again two weeks in a row. Last week we were "Merkin for a living." This week, Bill came up with doozie of a name with "The Well Hungarians."

I have to admit I'm kind of addicted to this game. It so feeds into my love of trivia and hanging out with cool people. It's a total win-win!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! Can I play instead of babysit? I am a font of useless knowledge, you know.