Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's all Madalyn's fault

I've become addicted to Facebook.

And it's all Madalyn Sklar's fault.

She twittered that she was looking for people to review her new Facebook e-course. I volunteered.

I started the course this afternoon. Now I'm still horsing around on Facebook. Someone please save me from myself.

I created a Facebook account for my band several months ago and didn't really get it, so it just sat dormant. But it's so ...

(Please, don't let me be casting the virtues of an online social networking Web site on the Internets. Please let me have something more ... rock 'n' roll to be doing)

... fun.

There I said it. It's fun.

Now I have to go ... um, play my guitar.

1 comment:

Madalyn Sklar said...

I'm so glad it's my fault!!!!