Friday, July 18, 2008

Riveter goes to Telluride

Tomorrow we're loading up and heading to the high country. My band is playing the Buck Saturday night.

We are very excited about this show ... Telluride is about to be Riveterized.

We even made it into the Telluride Watch's entertainment column, Grooview, written by Rebecca Thoreson:

Down the block, The Last Dollar Saloon will rock this weekend, when the all-girl band Riveter rolls in for a show on Saturday night. Based in Grand Junction, Riveter formed in 2004, and as the pink-glitter Daisy Rock guitar-slinging Robin Dearing says, the girls have been rocking ever since.

"We recorded a full-length CD Whatever in 2005. In 2007, we put out two EPs, which we will have for sale at the show. We are currently working on a new EP which we expect to have out by the end of summer.”

The girls are gaining attention across the country, including playing the famed Austin, Texas, South by Southwest Festival for the second year in a row, and Dearing says Riveter hits it hard, with classic rock flavored with punk/alt influences. “We put on a fun, high-energy, kick-ass show, and we can't wait to rock the pants off Telluride!”

Look for Riveter to wow ya, Saturday night at The Buck.

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