Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chip off the old blockhead

"Let's go to the pool. NOW!" said the bikini clad 8-year-old as I staggered into the house after work Monday. (People keep insisting that she's my kid, I'm not convinced of any resemblance.)

It was hot and I was looking forward to the pool, but mama needed some time to relax. I sent Bill and Mar ahead of me while I lumbered around like I were wearing molasses slippers.

Sean hunched over a car CD player that he's trying to install into our extra car.

Yes, people, Bill and I are selling our extra car to Sean. And why shouldn't we? I mean in the 18 months since he got his license he's been in four accidents, earned several moving violations and lost his license once ... of course none of that was his fault, I'm sure. (Insert requisite sour-castic comments here.)

Because I'm not happy about this sale, I won't let him drive the car until I have the cash in my hand and he and his mother register it and insure it. I have, however, been letting him install his stereo because I'm stupid like that. Wha?

While I was pretending to get ready for the pool, Sean and I started laughing over Mar's crazy behavior. He was really busting a gut over it until I reminded him that he was just as crazy when he was the same age.

Then we started talking about when it used to be just me and Bill and Sean. How the three of us used to hang out and horse around all the time.

Sean said that he has great memories of playing hide-and-go-seek with us at the old house. I recounted the time we were playing professional wrestlers and Bill smashed Sean's head into my nose (I now sport a nice crook in my nose from that day).

We laughed and then I commented that I guess he's too old to play with his old dad and evil stepmom now.

His response verbatium: "I'd play hide-and-go-seek with you guys any day."

Really. He said those exact words.

At first I was all, "Wow isn't that nice."

Then I was all, "'the hell? Laying it on a little thick, no?"

Bill thinks he was being sweet.

I think he's a schmoozer ... and a damn good one.

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