Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Just a little Rivetergirl observation

You know those people* who only touch things in a public bathroom using paper towels? For all I know you could be one of those people. I have absolutely nothing against those folks and sometimes even I only touch stuff in a public toilet with paper towels.

It depends upon my mood and/or how dirty the restroom is or appears to be.

*Actually, I'm just referring to women as I have virtually no knowledge of what dudes do in public bathrooms. They could be walking around with their pants around their ankles licking the sinks, for all I know.

I have no issue whatsoever with this behavior. Actually I condone it as it makes the bathroom cleaner for the rest of us.

But I do have a question: What about all that stuff that gets touched AFTER one uses the toilet and BEFORE the hands get washed?

Think about it.

You use the toilet and wipe.

Everyone agrees that the hands are now dirty and need to be washed, right?

But what do we do?

We touch our drawers, we touch our clothes, we touch the door to the toilet stall ... ALL WITHOUT WASHING OUR HANDS.

Then there's the big production of washing and lathering and using the paper towels to open the door on our way out.

But whatever nastiness showed up after we wiped is now on our clothes.

So ick.


Annie said...

Haha, I'm new to your blog and I've already got the heebie-jeebies thinking about all those germs!

You should come visit me at It's Time To Get Over How Fragile You Are sometime!


Scott said...

There is a saving grace to all of this nastiness. The forgotten barrier between germs and the blood stream called the epidermis or the skin. It does a wonderful job at keeping the two separate.

Some common public facility sense can go a long way in preventing the spread of disease. After touching a perceived contaminated surface don’t stick the exposed skin into areas of the body where semi permeable membranes may allow an infection to take hold such as the Eyes, Ears, Nose or Throat and a few other gender specific regions known to harbor incurable STD’s.

Thankfully most viruses don’t tolerate the air long enough to become an airborne threat even though some conditions in bathrooms would suggest otherwise.

Cincinnati Speech Therapy said...

LOL - or if your my kids you say you washed but the hands are perfectly dry - hmmmm.