Thursday, March 20, 2008

I saw the quirky and low-fi gal

One of my favorite moments at SXSW was seeing Kimya Dawson play at a record store.

For those unfamiliar, Kimya did many songs on the Juno soundtrack and I've been listening to that soundtrack non-stop for more than a month now. I love Kimya's music so much, it inspired me to make this video which I posted a while back.

And I've said "quirky and low-fi" so much that one evening when I was at band practice and Bill and Mar were visiting neighbors, Kimya's name came up in conversation and Margaret immediately said, "Oh she's low-fi and quirky." Awesome.

The record store was a LONG way from Sixth Street and most of the other SXSW goings on. We had to hoof it a LONG way in 90 degree temperature to see her. We got there late, but Bill and I still managed to squirm our way to the front and stand there all hot and sweaty, but it was worth it. Seeing her made my trip, fo' sho'.

We've listened to Kimya's music with Margaret a lot, so I was excited to learn that she's putting out a children's album with songs that talk about gorilla farts and such. Double awesome.

Oh and I posted over here about Margaret's addiction ... hopefully she won't be going all Amy Winehouse on us.

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