Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why I love San Antonio - Part 2

San Antonio smells AWESOME!

Some parts of town smells like delicious Tex-Mex or bar-be-que, other places smell like fragrant spring flowers and our hotel smells like herbs or something that inspires me to say "I love the smell of our hotel" every time we go to our room.

The part of the city we're in is clean and wonderful for walking. We're next to the Alamo and the famed riverwalk. And I mean right next door to both.

And you can get giant margaritas with Sauza tequilas with Hornitas. I don't know what Hornitas are, but I love 'em. Mmmm ... Hornitas!

Oh and even though it's been rainy, it's warm enough to be comfortable with a hoodie. It's like paradise after the brutal Grand Junction winter.

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