Friday, September 18, 2009

Giant Pencil ain't so giant anymore

Look at my not-so Giant Pencil.

It's down to 5" from its original 16" from a year ago. It's on the verge of wee-ness.

I should not be surprised by this considering I use this pencil everyday at work, including when I use it to do the crossword puzzle?


It's not wasting time at work, people, it's quality control.

Anyway, we're going back to D.C. next month and I'll make sure to get another Giant Pencil. I'll call the new Giant Pencil, Giant Pencil, Jr. or Giant Pencil V.2 or Another Giant Pencil and it will be glorious.


Anonymous said...

I love that you have GIANT pencils, and mini ketchups. So quirky and lo-fi.


RiveterGirl said...

I love being quirky and lo-fi.