Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas has always been the most important holiday for my family and this is a tradition that I am trying to maintain.

In a normal year, we bake cookies to take to our friends and neighbors and have people over to celebrate. This year is not a normal year, but it was still important to me that we have a normal Christmas celebration.

Lucky for Margaret, Santa brought some really fun gifts. Margaret gave Bill and I two of her "published" stories from school — a wonderful gift indeed. Bill spoiled me with an iPod Nano (I've been dying for one of these ever since they came out) and we all got a bunch of really lovely gifts.

One of my favorite gifts this year was not something I either gave or received, it was a gift that Bill received from his mom ... these bright yellow, fleece pants:

with M&Ms all over them with the phrase "Surrounded by nuts" printed all over them.


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