Friday, December 28, 2007

With a side of envy

Margaret and Bill are home today, like they were yesterday and like they will be all of next week.

It's a great relief actually, having Bill be off from school. Margaret doesn't have to go to daycare and she can spend the days hanging with her dad. Those two have a really good time together.

Bill gets stuff done around the house, but doesn't get hung up on the notion that if he's not engaged in some significant project then the time home is wasted (like I do). He enjoys his time at home with Mar ... and so does she.

Before leaving work for lunch today, I called Bill to see what was on the lunchtime agenda. He had already made my lunch as they were preparing to go to the movies this afternoon.

I felt a pang of jealousy and asked if they could wait for me to get off work ... I like to go to the movies.

I probably should have just left them to go by themselves, but I didn't and they happily agreed to wait a couple hours so I could tag along. And that's what's even more awesome about Bill and Mar, their ability to be flexible.

I have a lot to learn from them ... still after all these years.

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