Monday, March 30, 2009

What's up with spring?

I returned Margaret's skis today.

We had rented them for the season ... and the season is over now.

But we made it up for the last day and the conditions were pretty darn good. There was powder, not too much ice and sun (OK there was wind, too, but the wind could suck it).

And while I'm a bit bummed about the end of the ski season, I'm excited about the beginning of biking, hiking, camping season.

Plus we scored a sweet, used bike rack for my truck.

Yeah, I know we already have a bike rack for my truck, but that bike rack in on top of my truck and getting my heavy cruiser up there takes more Herculean effort than I care to dispatch on a regular basis.

Plus, Bill's uber-long cruiser didn't fit on it, so we'd have to cram that in the back of my truck and the chain would inevitably get grease on the seat and Margaret.

So now we have a sweet rack that fits into the receiver hitch, swings away so you can open the back of the truck and fits all of our bikes. Woot to people's old stuff.

But I wrote more and posted pictures of our fickle spring, so click here would ya?

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