Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At least I look good at the resort bar

As I suggested Friday night, I got myself a brand, spankin' new set of skis, bindings and boots.

I wasn't in the market for my own gear, but I can't resist a killer deal — and really, did you see those skis? They're gorgeous and way nicer that I should probably have (considering my propensity for breaking and/or losing my stuff), but "75 percent off" is a discount that should not be passed on willy nilly.

Thank goodness for local sporting good retailer Gene Taylor's. They are head and shoulders better than those big-box chains whose employees clock in and clock out. At Gene Taylor's you get customer service and a good price. Plus did I mention 75 percent off, because what bargain hunter can resist that?

And it wasn't just me scoring killer deals, but our dear friends, Scott and Laurena jumped on the great deals, too.

So we were thrilled that on Friday and Saturday our local resort got a couple inches of the white stuff which we dutifully skied Sunday.

Margaret had an epic day on the mountain.

Her first run down the bunny hill saw her on a path through the trees that ended in a smallish bump, off of which she caught air ... and landed. On her last ride up the lift she was "clomping" her skis together and one fell off. But worry not, she ended up getting a ride down the hill on a snowmobile.

Both of those things and most of the stuff in between delighted her to no end. I don't think I've ever seen Margaret grin ear to ear for so long before.

The only sobering part of the day is that I came to the realization that my 8-year-old is now a better skier than I am.

At least my skis are nicer!

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