Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It can't be ALL that bad, right?

Dentist: OK, that should do it.

Me: gurgle, slurp, ick

Dentist: (in the same "all done" tone) You're going to need a root canal on that one. The decay was so deep I couldn't get it all without disturbing the nerve.

Me: glick, gulp

Dentist: (again with the "it's sun shiny bright" tone) You can make an appointment for the root canal and then come back to us for the crown.

Me: 'the hell? (I just kept this in my brain as my mouth was too numb and sore to actually speak.)

Receptionist: After you get the root canal, come back December 19 for the build up and crown.

Me: Well, merry Christmas to me.


I posted over here about my kid and that horrible sound that keeps coming out of her face.

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