Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Story by Margaret

Yesterday, Bill and I attended Margaret's parent-teacher conference. It was awesome. I wanted to kiss her teacher, the school psychologist and the gifted-and-talented teacher, they had such great things to say about Mar.

She is having a great year and is doing well in all subjects. And not having any of the "having trouble keeping her hands and feet to herself" problems that she had before. When I mentioned that this was a problem before, her teacher was shocked and said that her behavior is excellent. Hurray, for not having a grabby kid anymore!

Below is a story that Mar wrote, typed and illustrated in class.

Page 1
Sorry, Mark, Kristen and Bill that y'all got nothing but browned out faces.

Page 2
We actually saw two Porcini mushrooms, but Parcheesis sound like a good time, no?

And yes, Mark is amazingly brave. Thanks for risking life and liver to taste test those mushrooms, Mark.

Page 3
Puff Balls are pretty sweet with all their puffing skillz.

Page 4It's true, we were amazed. And what's great is that we get to be continuously amazed by our daughter every day.


Kristen said...

I'm totally amazed by you daughter, too! What a great story--and how wonderful that's she having a great school year.

MOMKISS2U said...

Linked to u from the Bespectacled blog log....You have a cute blog but you might want to take off the title page in your series of pictures from the book your daughter made. It has her last name on it and there are a few nut cases out there!