Monday, October 29, 2007

We love passing out blank checks

Friday Margaret didn't have school, so we had made arrangements for her to go back to her old preschool/daycare facility for the day. Because Bill doesn't have formal classes on Friday, he was the one who dropped her off and picked her up.

I had this conversation with Bill this morning:

Me: How much was the check for Margaret's daycare Friday.

Bill: (pause) Um, what do you mean, you made out the check.

Me: (getting heated) No, I wrote the name of the school and signed it. You had to fill in the amount. I don't know what they charge for one day.

Bill: No, you filled out the check and I just gave it to them.

Me: (boiling sounds in my ears) Dude, you gave them a blank check.

Bill: I just gave them the check.

Me: Yes, you gave them a blank check.

Bill: I'll call them to find out how much they made the check out for.

Me: Thanks because I won't be able to balance the checkbook if they bought a new church van with that check.

Luckily for us, Margaret's former preschool/daycare is a Christian facility associated with a church and they only filled the check out the amount for one day of care.

So I guess the moral of the story is: Don't give blank checks to my husband, but if you do make sure it's made out to a bunch of Christians.

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