Monday, October 15, 2007

New songs ... that you can buy

Oh, we're not just cute, we're all high tech, too.

Our trusty fill-in drummer and permanent recording technician/producer/savior of our girl band, Scott, spent the majority of his weekend recording drum tracks and mastering four brand spanking new Riveter songs.

We decided — at the last minute, as we're prone to do — that we should have new EP to take with us to our Denver show at the beginning of November.

I busted my hump and created a design that we all liked for the face of the disk. (I tried to post the disc graphic but Blogger is constipated or something. I'll try again later.) And now we have the audio tracks done.

You can click over to our myspace and hear them over there.

Or you can slide on over to the right here and purchase them all (plus the four from our previous EP) for $.99 each.

I know, we're super high tech.

Watch out, we're hot right now. And it feels so good!

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