Monday, June 15, 2009

Giant Pencil update

You may remember (and if you do, I'm so very sorry) back last November, I introduced y'all to the Giant Pencil.

For those that don't (and I'm assuming it's all of you), while in Washington, D.C. in October, my mom bought me a giant pencil from the National Archives to replace my Wee Pencil (why yes, I do have issues. I can't believe you've waited this long to ask). I've been using this pencil every day at work to ... uh, do work and to do the daily crossword puzzle (speaking of crossword puzzles, "deke" is a stupid word).

The Giant Pencil started out 16" long.

Look at it now:

It's now down around 8". It hardly even looks like a freakish long pencil anymore. But I know it once was. And someday it'll be a wee pencil ... unless something bad happens.

I've already had to perform some minor surgery on the Giant Pencil because the eraser snapped off one day.

Just so you know, I can't use a pencil that is missing it's eraser. Really (I know, my issues run deep), I have to keep a separate eraser on my desk so I can erase without having to use the eraser on my pencil.

So, Giant Pencil lost its eraser and I started to panic. Then I found a long pin and stuck it though the top of the eraser down into the wood to secure it. Phew! Disaster averted.

Anyway, now, more than seven months into my usage of the Giant Pencil, it's down to almost half its size. Giant Pencil is now more of a regular pencil ... with a giant pin stuck in its eraser.

I think I need more hobbies.

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