Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rivetergirl conundrum: What would you do?

So do you remember me writing abut how we were ripped off in January? Some asshat dude or dudes had some sort of passkey that allowed them to easily open the doors of any GM vehicles and plunder our goodies.

Remember that story? No? Well, these asshats took our DVD player with my mom's new Mama Mia! DVD inside and our Garmin Nuvi navigator.

We talked to the cops and 16 other GM vehicles broken into that same night from the same general location. And we talked to the insurance agent (we ultimately decided against submitting a claim — we've since replaced the navigator [and then promptly broke the new one ... doh] and my mom lent us her portable DVD player). And nothing ever came of it ... until today.

We received a letter from the Lakewood Police Department saying they had caught the jokers who had been traveling around the state gleaning all the goodies out of people's GM cars.

They caught the guys and they had a shitpotful of stolen goods with them.

So, here's the conundrum: The only way to claim our stolen property is make an appointment for either Friday July 10 or Monday July 13, then drive four hours over the Continental Divide and look through all the crap these jerkwads stole in hopes that our sad little DVD player and navigator are there.

We've got my mom's DVD player (which is way better than that jacked up old one we had). But I'd really like to have my navigator back.

Is it worth the time and money? What would you do?


Mark said...

Meh. Looks like Garmin Nuvis run the range from $100-400+. Unless you have free accommodations, it ain't worth it unless you had a model at the top of that range, or another really good reason for the trip. $100 in gas, $100 for a hotel, food, time off, hassle, etc....

RiveterGirl said...

It was a lower end Nuvi which we replaced with a higher end one we got for 50% off before Circuit City went kaput. I can stay with family and it's always good to see them, but we'll probably just cut our losses. Stupid stealin' asshats!

Anonymous said...

Go. If you find your stuff it will feel like a found treasure...and...or...its an excuse to go to the hotsprings again and it will lead to a new chapter in the saga.