Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The sisters came a-visitin'

Three of my grandmother's six children stopped in for an overnight visit. My mom, my Aunt Pat (aka the rainmaker) and my Aunt Nancy.

They are numbers 1 through 3. It goes: Nancy, Shirley (my mom), Patricia (aka Aunt Pat the rainmaker), Cynthia, David, Sandra. It's nice of them to travel in order by age.

The bummery thing about them heading back over to Denver today is that number 6, my Aunt Sandra, is visiting Denver from Minnesota. And number 5, my Uncle David, will be coming up from Pueblo with his kids to visit.

Because number 4, Aunt Cynthia, lives there, too, all my mom's siblings will be there. Oh and my gramma, too. She lives with Cynthia.

I want to be there, too. As I've stated before, my family's fun and I hate missing out on an event when all the sibs are together. These people are hilarious by themselves, just wait until they all get together ... woo boy.

But at least we got to hang out with numbers 1 through 3 last night. Margaret even got to sleep in Aunt Pat's RV with them last night.

Yeah, all three of them (even my mother who has her own bed inside my house) and my kid slept in my driveway. Bill and I opted to sleep in our bed ... because we're wacky like that.

Before bed, however, we went out to eat and had a great meal along with some beer. Bill ordered all the sisters his favorite Kannah Creek beer and then ordered another pitcher. I'm not sure why he was so insistent on forcing alcohol on my mom and her sisters, but that's how he rolls.

My mom tried to pass on the beer claming that she didn't do drugs and drink beer (in reference to the meds she's taking for her spasm-y back), but they twisted her arm (OK, it was more like, "but I thought you said you wanted a beer") and she succumbed. Because that's how she rolls.

And then, as quickly as they arrived, numbers 1 through 3 were on their way out of the Grand Valley and onward to the Front Range.

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