Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain, rain ...

It's been raining a lot this summer. And I am loving it.

Yeah, we haven't been going to the pool much and I have a new swimsuit that I actually like this year (despite the fact that I'm verging on the saggy-boob-sock look), but I don't care.

We've been sitting outside every evening after work and many evenings we have a fire in our firepit, often roasting marshmallows and eating s'mores. Although yesterday, Bill and Davy burned all the rose bush trimmings and it smelled not at all like roses.

It makes us look like a nice, normal family (unless you listen to our conversations, then you know that we are far from a nice, normal family).

On top of all that, our yard has never looked better. Our flowers are all blooming happily and heartily. I guess all those years of planting, thinning, adding, moving and weeding have finally paid off ... big time.

And the best part is that we've done almost nothing to this year other than a little weeding (there's lots more weeding to be done, but the flowers are so happy and full that I'm happy leaving well enough alone).

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