Monday, June 08, 2009

Hiking to Hanging Lake birthday style

I wrote back in March about hiking to the top of Mount Garfield for Scott's birthday. Well this weekend we hiked to Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs (notice the "near Glenwood Springs" part — hiking followed by soaking is the most glorious combination I can think of).

See how smug I look here. I'm all, "Wha'? Like that was hard?" (Um, it wasn't easy, chick, remember the panting and soaring pulse rate?)

Bill, Mar and I hiked this two years ago with my brother and his family on Mother's Day and I was happy that this time I didn't quite need the defibrillator paddles at the top.

It is truly a gorgeous hike and well worth the time and effort up the rocky, steep trail:

Check out Bill giving me his "come hither" stare to encourage me to keep hiking and quit complaining.

He's so cute, I can hardly remember the steep, nasty trail.
And before I knew it, we were standing in front of Hanging Lake:

It is a truly a sight to behold. The water is so clear and blue and green. Just lovely.

Plus there were friendly chipmonks that didn't seem to have the plague, which is a good thing because the kids got a big kick out of feeding these greedy critters:

After the hike, we headed to our campground to set up our camp: tents had to be pitched, chairs unfolded and beers drank:
There was also a little wildlife in our camp that need to be inspected. A nest was perched on the ledge of the woman's bathroom window:
But the nest was too high off the ground for us to see what was inside. So Laurena did what any good mom would do, she made her only son act of stepstool:
Wha? Notice she took off her flip flops first. Gah!

Then she snapped this picture of the lovely blue egg resting inside:
The rest of the trip included a long soak in the hot springs, a delicious dinner of Bill's chili along with hot dogs and all the fixin's and a long sit next.

I asked Bill what we were laughing about all night long and he said that it was best to not remember that way we can laugh about it again next time we have a fire.

Sunday, saw us having Bill's version of the Egg McMuffin and then a slow roll up of the camp in between rain showers.

It was a great weekend away and a fabulous way to celebrate getting older.

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