Monday, January 05, 2009

Chevy and GM owners BEWARE!

Saturday morning we decided we needed to get out of town for a spur-of-the-moment trip.

We loaded up our Chevy Trailblazer, strapped in the DVD player (upon which my mother and daughter watched — and sang along to — Mama Mia!) and set the navigator to Aspen then back to Glenwood Springs for the night.

Aspen was fun but snowy.

After lunch we made our way back to Glenwood Springs to soak away our stresses.

Sunday morning as Bill and I went to get breakfast we overheard a family discuss that their car had been broken into even though no windows were broken and there was no other signed of forced entry.

We quietly decided amongst ourselves that they had left their doors unlocked.

That was until Bill went to get our car and found our DVD player and navigator missing with no signs of a forced entry.

It turns out that 16 Chevy and GM cars parked in hotel parking lots in downtown Glenwood Springs had been broken into.

Our car and the windows were covered in road grim and mag chloride. We could have easily seen signs of someone using a jimmy to open our car doors.

There were no usual marks on the outside of our car. And it was the same for at least 16 other Chevy or GM owners.

After making a report with the police and watching the detective take a fingerprint from the outside of our car, we learned that the thief or thieves probably had a pass key that allowed them entry into our cars.

They didn't take everything from inside like a tweaker would — my cheap sunglasses, our CDs, the iPod adapter, etc. were all left behind. Instead they just took the electronics that are worth something and easy to sell.

It definitely put a damper on our trip, but it could have been worse. They could've broken a window which would have made a long, cold trip home. They could've gotten more stuff. They could've stolen the entire car.

So while I'd still like to kick whomever it was in the ding dong (and maybe the face), it's just a bummer instead of a disaster.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Totally sucks. I mean really, really sucks.

Your reaction is so calm, did you encounter the break in after your soak?


RiveterGirl said...

We soaked Saturday, but we didn't feel comfortable leaving our stuff in a car so we didn't get to soak Sunday.

I'm bummed, but it could be way worse, so I'm trying not to sweat it.

To make myself feel better, I bought myself a new pair of boots.

Merry Magpie said...

Hey How you been? Totally sucks about the car being broken into.

Did you know I was born in Glenwood Springs? Probably not:) I would love to go visit..