Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Product Review: Red Devil Duckie *blush*

Shortly after the fine folks at Nokia asked me to review their 6650 cell phone, I received another product-review request.

While I jumped at the chance to review the cell phone, I was hesitant to review the products of this other company.

So I sent them this e-mail:
Thank you for your interest. I am very intrigued by your offer. I'm not sure that I would give you the review your are seeking, in that, mostly I like to make fun of stuff. But if you're interested in ridiculous review that would be appropriate for my mother to read, then I would love to review your products - respectfully, of course, but with tongue in cheek, for sure.
Being an open-minded type of company (understatement), they agreed to allow me to review one of their products.

The company is Eden Fantasys — they are a sex-toy Web site (I'm overlooking the misspelling of "fantasies" simply because when you sell things that are designed to stick into any type of orifice, taking liberties with spelling is A-OK).

So yeah, this is a sex-toy review.

Never thought you'd read about such things here ... well, neither did I.

After agreeing to write the review, the fine folks at Eden Fantasys decided to start me out on an easy product; a sex toy with training wheels, if you will — something that wouldn't scare me or my readers too much.

This is the product they sent me:

Look how cute. It's the Red Devil Duckie Discreet Vibrator.

With the operative word being "discreet" — I was never so happy that I chose this product as I was yesterday.

My 8-year-old daughter, was looking for our kitten and she ran into the room holding the Red Devil Duckie above her head yelling, "I found a duckie!"

On the outside, I acted nonplussed and simply said, "Oh yeah. That's mine" and took it from her while reminding her that the kitten was still missing.

Thank goodness she willing handed it over and went off in search of our little bundle of fur.

My husband gave me one of those looks. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "It is absolutely discreet. Thank goodness."

I did not want to have to explain what a sex toy was or why I, of all people — her mother, would have one.

So chalk a huge mark in Eden Fantasys column for discretion.

Know that their orders are very discreet as well. The package arrive a week before Christmas and the generic packaging and company name on the box (which was different than Eden Fantasys) aroused no suspicion whatsoever.

One of the other things I like about this company is the motto on their Web site "Rediscover Sex."

Fun sex isn't something that has to be left to young people exploring their wild oats. It can also be something that old married couples do, too.

I mean we have little gadgets for most other activities in our daily lives: iPods, cell phones, navigators, etc. Why not reward yourself and/or your partner (and that's the nice thing about these kind of toys — they are fun with or without someone to play with) with a gadget for the bedroom?

Even if you decide to never use it, it will always make a great conversation piece — but I do recommend not keeping it under your bed.

So if you or "a friend" are in the market for any type of accoutrement d'sex, click over to Eden Fantasys. They have everything you could image ever needing or wanting and a bunch of stuff that still has me scratching my head, saying " 'the hell?"


Richie said...

Interesting product panel. You do acquire the odd products? A pooping strap, a cell phone, now a clit stimulating duck. Huh, can't wait to see what's next?

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Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You are so cracking me up over here.

Lori said...

"You make bathtime lots of fun..."

"I'm awfully fond of you."

Great review!