Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where were you?

Where were you when our first tan president was inaugurated yesterday?

I got to hear that pastor guy give his invocation and use every name of Jesus he could think of and Aretha belt out My County Tis of Thee, but just as our 44th president was to give the inaugural oath and give his speech, I was enduring the most painful dental experience of my life.

I was just having a crown prep — something I've had done five times before — but something went wrong with the Novocaine.

My tooth didn't numb and I endured drilling of an un-numb tooth for way too long before I finally stopped my dentist. He apologized (not that it was his fault) and then I endured several more shots and finally my tooth numbed up.

By then the migraine medication I took earlier in the day coupled with the dentistry drugs had a bad effect on me. I came back to work feeling like a zombie.

I finished up my work and bailed.

I was looking forward to following Obama's inauguration, but instead I retreated to the safety of my futon room and wallowed.

It could've been worse, of course, we could be facing another idiot administration. Thank goodness for smart politicians, let's hope he can get something done.

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