Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hey look it's Tuesday

My mom and Margaret are home sick with colds. My right kidney is acting like a little bitch and nagging me in a way that makes me want to punch it. But punching yourself in the kidney is very hard to do ... and stupid, too.

Even though stupid is as stupid does, I'm going to post some pictures my mom took while we were in Aspen a couple of weeks ago instead.

When my mom saw my left finger in this picture she said, "Kelley will like that one."

Kelley has a veritable buffet of flip offs. It's quite impressive.

I like this picture because I look like a cyclops. What girl doesn't dream of being a cyclops?

In this one, Mar and I are chickens ... duh!

Wha'? You don't act like chickens at restaurants? How sad.

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