Saturday, January 20, 2007

Just say "No"

What is wrong with this dog (other than the fact that his eyes and nose are virtually indistinguishable from one another)?

Click here
to learn why I know that the owner of this dog just ain't right.

Yep, that's right, that little almost-green-bean-can-sized dog is dead.

Dead ... as in no longer living.

This is not a picture of the dog before he died either. He was dead when this picture was taken.

That's right, he's been freeze dried and then sent back to the "I can never put my precious dog in the ground" owners.

Now imagine the day to day life of this dead dog:

At night the lady would put the dog next to her bed so he's the first thing that she's sees when she opens her demented eyes in the morning. Then she would carry the dog down and prop it up on the couch next to her while she watches the "Price is Right." Later she would set now-dead Gunny on a kitchen chair while she cleans the floor and starts dinner.

When her emotionally blunted husband would come home from work, she would tuck freeze-dried Gunny under her arm and greet her husband at the door. She would insist that they have faux conversations that included the pupsicle. She would even insist that her husband talk to the dog in that same squeaky dog voice that he used on the dog when it was actually alive ...

Now, people, this just ain't right.

Please, say "No" to freeze-dried pets.


Amanda said...

I wonder if this is just a hoax? The site says they are located in Colorado, but I noticed the phone number has a Phoenix area code(602).

I live in the Phoenix area and read an article very similar to this one in a BS newspaper called the New Times. In that article it was claimed that humans can be preserved in a similar way (which of course is illegal). I would take that whole website w/ a grain of salt.

I also noticed that all of the pictures were only singular. It would be more believable to see the same "freeze dried" animal in the exact pose in more than one picture (ie- change the location of the pic).
And about the pic posted on your site- standing an animal next to an object (coke can/pen/whatever) is something very commonly done by breeders when selling puppies online. This is done to get an idea of the size. This guy could just be pulling pictures from the web. Why would someone pose their dead dog next to a can of Wal-Mart green beans and send them to him to showcase on his website?

Those animals look very much alive. Either he is damn good at what he does, or those animals are alive and this is not for real.

I just find this hard to believe.
I suppose anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Let me enlighten you on "What's Just Plain Wrong", the way society HATES and Judges. It seems to be ok for people to Murder for Drugs, Money, Rape and kill Children, Molest and the list goes on and on about immoral behavior that is barely newsworthy so now you offer this subject to bring people who have been abandoned and mistreated by their own species under judgement because the grief of lossing that little angel that couldn't do anything but love. Grieving is hard regardless what you are lossing but when there is an alternative, whose to say what's right or wrong if it helps those who grieve. You want to judge people, fine but judge those who are living hurting other people and creatures. People do this not out of fun or sickness but in hopes of being buried with the one who was always faithful to them and never mistreated them the way people did. You can't be buried next to something that loved you unconditionally but you can be buried in a cemetary full of rapist and murderers. Go figure that.