Monday, April 07, 2008

8 years and counting ...

The traditional gifts for the 8th wedding anniversary is something made from either bronze or ceramic.

Let's see. Bill and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary today maybe we should get something like this:
We could save money in that ... uh, yeah, right. Eight years and we still haven't figured out the meaning of the words "savings account."

Or this:

Everyone knows how much we likes ourselves some nekkid goddess and cupid sculptures.

The modern gift for the 8th wedding anniversary is something made of linen or lace.

So we could look for things like this:
Linen is oh-so practical for a guy who works in a greasy machine shop all day.

So this?

Um, do you really want your lingerie to blend in with your skin and extrude your fat rolls out? Because if the answer is yes, then that is all me. But I'm thinking, yeah, no.

So I guess Bill and I will have to go with our usual gifts which is constant love, thankfulness that we found each other and a heaping dose of goofiness. And just to mix it up this year, we're going to throw in a little backyard landscaping — because we're so romantic like that.

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