Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's in and he's on his way home

Bill sent me this picture from his cell phone yesterday:

It's my father's 1969 Triumph motorcycle, partially disassembled and loaded in the back of the 1999 Ford Explorer — both of which are gifts from my mother. Both of which are essentially gifts for Bill.

He's been salivating over that motorcycle ever since he first saw it 9 years ago sitting in my dad's storage shed. And now it's on its way to Grand Junction.

Bill's original plan was to rent a trailer and pull the motorcycle home. But U-Haul will not rent trailers to people driving Ford Explorers. Nice vote of confidence for our new-to-us car.

Then he was going to use my mom's snowmobile trailer (and leave the snowmobiles sitting in the dirt until he brought it back in June), but then he finally decided to disassemble as much as possible and get the neighbors to help him load it in the back.

When he and my mom arrived in Truckee Thursday afternoon, he barely let my mom in the front door before he began the quest to get the motorcycle out of the storage shed at the back of the house.

Luckily for him the 10 feet of snow that had been blocking shed access had mostly melted. Then he fussed and fretted and made calls and focused all his energy yesterday on how he was going to get that motorcycle home.

I know Bill to be a guy that likes to get the job done, but he was obsessed with that bike. Obsessed with getting it home.

Barring any unfortunate incident between here and where ever he is in Nevada (knock on wood), that mission will be over sometime tonight.

Wish him luck.

Oh and if you happen to know anything about Triumph motorcycles, lemme know, as we're still not sure of the model (and the title is sitting in my parent's safe ... and my mom doesn't know the combination ... doh!).

ETA: Oh never mind. Bill researched the good ole Internets last night and found out that it's a 1969 Triumph TR6R Tiger 650.

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