Thursday, April 03, 2008

The honeymoon is over

Bill flew out yesterday to do a consulting job for the Department of Defense's unmanned robotics project (I know, he's all fancy). I called him on my way home from band practice last night around 9:30 (he left from here yesterday morning around 11 a.m.).

Let me preface the rest of this story by pointing out that Bill teaches math and is very interested in his kids having a strong foundation in math.

I was telling a story about how Margaret was wowing my mom and I with her understanding of fractions at dinner last night. I was expecting an enthusiastic response but instead I got crickets.

I immediately thought of those cell phone commercials about dropped calls and I was all, "Hello ... hello!"

And Bill goes, "Oh hey yeah, good story."

What? I then asked him if he was watching TV instead of listening to me (honestly sometimes I'd rather watch TV than listen to me, but still ... ) and he was all, "Uh, no, uh, I was just a little tired."

Me: Dude, you feel asleep while I was talking to you?

Him: Uh, no not really.

Me: OK then what did I say?

Him: You said, 'Mar was writing down fractions'... and then ... the rest of what you said.

Me: 'The rest of what I said'? You totally feel asleep while I was sharing another facet of our daughter's genius.

Him: I'm tired, it's almost midnight here.

Me: **crickets**

Monday is our 8th wedding anniversary. I feel safe to say the honeymoon is finally over.


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Anonymous said...

Poor Bill. He's just tired. It's hard to be a punk rock legend AND a husband/father/machinist/bassist/teacher/etc!
Oh yeah, ALWAYS be cognizant of time zones.