Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Kids who are awesome

I write a lot about how awesome my kid is, but believe it or not there are some other kids that are uber cool as well. Shocking, I know.

Below is video proof of the awesome powers of my dear friends' triplets:

Make sure you check out Chance's face on the left and watch for the cinnamon as it comes out his nose. Like I said people, awesome.

For those unaware, the cinnamon challenge is to ingest a heaping spoonful of cinnamon without any sort of liquid. Just the thought makes me start to gag. And apparently multitudes of people are doing this and posting their reactions on YouTube.

Oh Internets, what did we do before you existed?

Luckily for us, those plucky youngsters weren't satisfied with cinnamon challenge and create this gem:

I love the turkey noises in the background and Piper, camerawoman extraordinaire, telling Chance to stay behind her.

Like I said, awesome all the way around.

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