Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day recap

Bill's day started with me letting him sleep in AND I bought him some disgusting McDonald's food for breakfast (it's like I cooked him breakfast in bed — only better, in that I didn't have to do any actual cooking).

Then we got too much sun at the pool and lost Margaret's little friend that came with us.

We eventually found him ... alive. So that's good.

Then this:
Then to the neighbors for the setting up of the neighbor's new pool:

Then this:

Then I went to bed and Bill stole my bike and took it the store for something that I'm sure was stupid.

So all in all, Bill had a good day. I didn't yell at him once ... it's a Father's Day Miracle (but then I found out he took my bike instead of his own and he got yelled at ... what? If he's stupid, he gets yelled at).

And me? I missed my dad, but he was never one who liked tears so in his honor I celebrated with Bill with a stiff upper lip.

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