Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday follies

This is the actual subject line of a spam e-mail I got this morning:

what a stupid face you have here rdearing
That's just mean. My face might be stupid, but still ... who sends out messages like that?

Mean people.

Yo, mean people, you suck.

Non sequitur here:

I made cake-sicles last night.

Watch out people, I'm fancy now that I've landscaped my dog toilet.

Yet another non sequitur:

I'm sweaty this morning from riding my bike to work fast.

I mean really fast. I was peddling so fast I almost kept up with the other bike traffic.

This week I rode three out of five days — Wednesday and Thursday it rained and there ain't no way this girl is riding her bike in the rain ... unless I invent a plastic bike riding bubble ... hmm, plastic bike riding bubble ... don't steal my idea.

Last non sequitur for today:

I have a container of edamame in my bag which I'm going to eat for breakfast right .... now ... no wait, I'm going to post this first, then eat my soy beans.

Woot to Friday.


Merry Magpie said...

HaHa! You made me think of an unpleasant high school memory. I rode my bike about 4 miles to school and one morning it rained and I got to school with a mud stripe going right up my back. It was terrible. Umm Thanks:)

Jenny, the Bloggess said...


You rock.