Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh Ma Gah, a Free Dyson!

Ohmygodohmygod ... over here, this lovely person is giving away a DYSON vacuum cleaner.

Anyone who knows me, especially my husband, knows that I've wanted a Dyson ever since I saw that pony-tailed and accented dude talk about how their vacuums never lose suction.

Never lose suction?

'the hell?

I must have one. I MUST HAVE ONE. That has been my thoughts for oh these many months.

But my bank account says, "Let's buy food and gas instead."

Stupid back account.

But now I've entered — and you can, too — to win a DYSON for free.

Oh the glory of having my own Dyson.

No more cat hair balls rolling across the floor. No more tiny dog hairs on all the beds in the house. No more dirt tracked from back door to front.

Oh please free Dyson contest people and/or person, let me win the new Dyson.

I will totally kiss on the lips anyone who gives me a Dyson — with tongue if necessary.

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