Tuesday, June 17, 2008


On Saturday, my band, Riveter, played the first annual Summerfest festival in the park near my house.
We played in the middle of the three band line up on the hottest day of the year so far. Summerfest indeed.

This is me sweating profusely. Notice the arm glisten. Yeah, hot! Please don't notice that I'm wearing flip flops ... my intention was to play barefoot, but the stage was WAY too hot for that.

There were a whole bunch of breweries pimping their beer and there were LOTS of people drinking and hanging out.

After we rocked our set (which was awesome fun regardless of the heat), we headed over to Kannah Creek's beer tent. Because we were wilty from the heat, we decided to take advantage of the liberties granted rock stars (or faux rock stars). Laurena and I took up uninvited residence in Kannah Creek's shade:

We basked in the cool shade and pimped the yummy beer as Summerfesters wandered up to the beer table.

At one point a cute gal and her boyfriend came for some beer. I gave the girl a good lookin' at and then asked on a whim, "Are you a drummer?"

The bewildered girl was stunned then said, "I just got a drum kit."


Laurena and Eric from the brewery were both shocked that I had surmised her drumming talent based on a cursory look.

I told the cute gal that we were looking for a girl drummer and gave her our contact information.

I even stunned myself. What are the chances that the one girl I ask, actually indeed had a drum kit?

I'm spooky.

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Shamelessly Sassy said...

spooky, indeed. I wish there was a beer tent in my backyard right now.