Thursday, June 19, 2008

My neurosis: The evidence

This is the pencil that I use everyday at work.

It is wee.

It is hard to write using this wee pencil and even harder to sharpen.

No, I will not use another pencil — even though a co-worker gave me a blue-leaded pencil to use ... oooohhhha, blue lead.

I will not be swayed by blue lead.

My wee pencil is just fine.

I'm pretty sure I should go seek mental-health care now.

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Anonymous said...

The kids at school LOVE teeny tiny pencils. I have a plastic bin I keep all the Art pencils in (have to label them "Art" because the little turkeys will swipe 'em) and when I pass it around for them to select a pencil to work with, they fight over who can get the smallest one. Never mind it doesn't have an eraser (a deal breaker for me) or that it is so small it won't fit in the pencil sharpener (another deal breaker, must have sharp pencils!).

You're not neurotic. You just like to use your pencil until it's all used up. I would call that loyal. Just how you are with your friends and family- very loyal.

Love ya!