Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One of us needs to shut the hell up

Actual conversation I just had:

Me: Oh yeah, I have those letters on my desk.

Me: You're so stupid.

Me: Yeah and you're talking to yourself.

Me: (whispering) Stop now.


The Lion said...

Hiya. Your daughter is adorable! School starts so early for you guys! My school never started until after Labor Day. But, then again, I live in wheat country and I am pretty sure the farmers would hold a protest if we took away their farm hands (aka children).

RiveterGirl said...

Hey The Lion!
Yeah, they do start school early here. As a kid I never started school before Labor Day either. I'm not sure what their argument is for starting early, but we're done in May so that's something!

cookiewonton said...

don't worry about talking to yourself - lot's of people do - I do it all the time...

*inside voice* but you also give interviews...when no-one's there *snort*

I told you to shut up.