Tuesday, August 05, 2008


OK, I am utterly distracted ... too distracted to blog ... almost.

First, I'm working all the time during my work days now.

Yeah, I know. Let's all take a moment and feel sorry for poor rivetergirl.

Then there are all these neat Internets out there that soak up all my free time.

First there's Facebook — where I can organize my Web presence. This so appeals to my anal nature (don't say, "anal nature").

Then there's ReverbNation. This is kind of like MySpace, only not because it's Reverb Nation.

And now Stereo Fame — which is a game you play by listening to music. How awesome is that.

I wish my job was to do that stuff all day.

1 comment:

Poli said...

I totally understand what you mean! Sometimes I wonder how I find time to eat and sleep:)