Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Geeks Who Drink Week 3

Last night marked our third trip to the Rockslide for Geeks Who Drink.
And guess what?

We won again.
And by won, I mean that two other teams scored more points than we did.

Alright. That's not a win.

We were the second-place losers last night, with the kissing-your-sister finish of third place.
I feel obligated to mention that the winning team cheated.

They were cheaters because they were drinking water — except for that one guy who had a glass of wine.

One glass of wine is not going to make your team as stupid as we of the many beers.
But thanks to the emcee, Ninja Dustino — who is looking quite pretty with Sarah on his head — we had a bunch of laughs so we'll take our third-place win/loss and drink to it.

And for your viewing pleasure. Below is some rare footage of the Amazing Bill Halen and his magic napkin (yes, this is what we do while we're waiting for the quiz to begin).


the stock market said...

well its nice to know that you have great hits here.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Ohhhhh!


Jill S. said...

Lol, haven't visited in awhile but looks like you're having fun!

Shonda Little said...

So, what's the dude with the foo man choo mustache doing with the shirt and visor on his head? That pic really made this stranger laugh.

RiveterGirl said...

Shonda, foo manchu guy is our next-door neighbor and dear friend Greg. He and his wife are the ones who invited us to join their team (Their Geeks Who Drink team, that is).

But as for the visor and shirt, I have to take credit for that. It was the end of the night and just can't leave somethings alone.

The hat and shirt became protective gear necessary for getting the 10 blocks home.

Yeah, it made more sense then ... after three beers.