Friday, August 01, 2008

Getting linked

OK, so.


I have to admit that I do look at my site meter regularly. And by "regularly" I mean several times a day.

I don't have lofty aspirations for my wee blog, but I think it's very interesting to see who looks at my page and how they ended up there.

For example, one person in Kansas googled "Whitey McWhiterson" and found me.

That is beyond awesome.

Also I get a lot of people who have googled "Fruita Fat Tire Festival" and found the picture of me sitting on the toilet.

What can I say, I'm classy.

But today I noticed referrals from a link I didn't recognize. I clicked it.

Boy howdy was I ever surprised to see this Web site.

I mean, what kind of juvenile guy creates a blog dedicated to — in his opinion — The Most Bangable Blog Babes?

Apparently MadDog is the kind of juvenile guy who would maintain such a site.

I messaged the link to Richie who said I should wear the title proudly. But how does an old, chunky chick say she's been voted a "bangable" (so charming, no?) blog babe?

Apparently with a satin sash which I will be embroidering at home tonight.


Richie Ann said...

Dude-he thinks you're hot! Every girl want to be viewed as "bangable" even if she won't admit it. And you know, maddog ain't bad looking albeit he has a dorky blog. You should be proud yo!

That One Guy said...

He just knows what we've known all along!


Shonda Little said...

Shockingly, I'm not on the most bangable blog babes. Seriously, I'm not even on my husband's most bangable babes list and he knocks me up once every 18 months.
I, too, check my site obsessively. I keep getting someone showing up from googling that white trash queen who tried to ebay her home teetering up foreclosure and, of course, her hand in her marriage.
Congratulations on being bangable. I'm totally jealous.

emily said...

oh yeah, you're totally bangable. own it.