Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas suckers

I'm so full of Christmas candy and cookies, I could barf a gift basket right now. Oh man.

My fat ass is so jiggling like a bowl full of jelly right now. But it's Christmastime and that's how I roll.

So Bill got up earlyish today to finish off a little Christmas shopping even though we were done with all our gift buying.

What? Why would he have to go Christmas shopping when we're done Christmas shopping? Oh yeah, we're suckers.

See, invariably we find out after we're all done spending all our life savings (ha) on gifts that there is one thing that Margaret asked Santa for that didn't make it on to the Santa gift list.

This one thing is the one thing that she really wants. I think she tests Santa by not including it on her Santa gift list.

And to make sure that she gets her special present, we buy whatever it is (even if we're already done shopping) just in case Santa can't read our dear, precious daughter's mind.

It's bad enough that Margaret won't even look at the mall Santa, but instead puts her hand up to block the view and mutters under her breath "Fake Santa!" She understands that Santa can't sit around Mesa Mall and there needs to be some people to fill in.

But we're both suckers for Christmas and do our best to spread the magic — even if it means buying one more gift ... just in case.

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