Tuesday, December 30, 2008

At least she got her point across

Over lunch yesterday we were having some conversation that included discussion of the Internet (I'm not going to mention that it likely included talk of the Girls Next Door, because that would be weird).

Margaret blurted out: Yeah, I know what you're gonna write.

Me with raised eyebrow: Oh?

Mar: Yeah, you're going to put that picture of my cold butt and say how I said that my ass was cold.

Me: I don't post pictures of your naked butt on the Internet.

Mar: Oh (quietly and seemingly a bit disappointed).

And yes, my darling 8-year-old came in from playing in the snow and shouted, "My ass is freezing. Help me warm it up." This was accompanied, of course, by her pulling down her snow pants to reveal a very red and very cold little girl butt.

How did we react to my sweet daughter's ass lament? We suggested she take a shower.

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