Monday, December 01, 2008

Does she fit? Pocket edition

Because I'm all about new content on this here bloggy thing, I've come up with a new feature. It's called "Does she fit?"

And by "she" I certainly don't mean me (because the answer to that question is "no, she doesn't fit"), but Nastia our dear, new, sweet, cuddly kitten.

After Friday's Markel Farkel Friday addendum, where I tried to shove her tiny kitty self into Markel's giant beer stein, I've become obsessed with trying to shove her into things. (When I shared this idea with La-La-Laurena, her reply was "And to think Nastia could've gone to a normal family." — where's the fun in that?)

See? She's all sweet and liddow (that 's baby cat talk for "little"). And she fits into Margaret's dollhouse.

But does she fit into Benji's pants pocket? Let's see:

According to Nastia, she does not fit. I repeat, Nastia DOES NOT FIT into Benji's pants pocket.


Anonymous said...

Uh, are you kiddin me? You are trying to shove a tiny kitten with razor blade claws into his pocket next to his dick. I mean, Ben's an idiot for letting you even try.

RiveterGirl said...

Hey there now Anonymous (if that's really your name), Nastia is, indeed, not nasty at all which is what makes "Does She Fit?" so much fun.