Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Merry Christmas to me

Santa came early to the Dearing-McCracken household.

Bill found me a brand-spanking-new Gibson Flying V and gave it to me early so I could play it at our show Saturday.

Oh yeah, baby. Watch out, I'm seriously rockin' now! I love this guitar is a way that just ain't right or natural.

The best part is that the Flying V fits me perfectly. It's balanced just right and my hand hits the strings in between the Humbuckers in the perfect spot. There was no transition time from my Daisy Rock to the V.

And I swear that I play better.

Plus the Flying V is the coolest guitar ever designed. Fer reals.

Our show Saturday night was at Fast Eddie's which was our first time playing there. And it was so much fun — such a smooth and great night.

I think I say that after every show, but that's how it is. Playing kick-ass rock 'n' roll is way beyond fun ... doing so with two uber-awesome chicks, a genius dude and my long-suffering husband is more fun than a girl deserves.

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Liz said...

That looks so much fun!