Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rockin' it Fast Eddy's style

This morning I jetted out of the office so I could meet Kelley at 95Rock a local rock 'n' roll radio station. We were going to be interviewed by their new morning guy.

After wandering around out front like the idiot that I am, Kelley navigated me inside (how many Riveter girls does it take to get to a radio interview on time? All of them ... doh!).

We had a really good time on air and gave a fun interview promoting our show Saturday night at Fast Eddy's bar. And the best part was that we neither swore nor encourage the DJ to play any of our songs that have swear words in them ... so double bonus score!

We have so much fun music now and we have such a blast playing, we can't wait for this show.

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