Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Better than Santa

Yesterday after work, Bill took Margaret to our friends' birthday party. I had to go to class.

As I was leaving for campus, I noticed that we finally got our mail. In it was a small package addressed to me from my mom. I turned to go back inside when I noticed that I didn't have my keys, but Bill's work keys. Doh!

I had 15 minutes until my class started and no keys. I ran next door hoping to use the spare set they keep. Jenn couldn't find the set, but she did lend me Kate, who is still small enough to fit through our dog door.

Kate saved the day. She shimmied through the tiny door and let me in. I found my keys and dashed off to class. Half way there I remembered the package from my mom.

I wasn't expecting anything so my curiosity was piqued. After class I rushed home and ripped open the padded envelope.

This sweet necklace was inside with a note that said "just because."

How completely perfect! Best part of my whole day.

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